Double Side Lapping Machine

Guindy Technocrats offers GT make Double Sided Lapping machine – The Double Sided Lapping Machine is engineered to the production of highly accurate parallel surfaces, flatness in lightbands and very high surface finish. These precision heavy duty machines are designed to withstand conditions within a production environment while requiring minimum maintenance.

The sizes offered: Our Precision Guindy Technocrats “GT” make Double Sided Lapping Machine can undertake critical Lapping and Polishing work while producing precise and repeatable results. It can Lap a wide range of material to very precise specifications. The 6 models offered are as follows

  • GT make 380mm dia
  • GT make 400mm dia
  • GT make 500mm dia
  • GT make 630mm dia
  • GT make 900mm dia
  • GT make 1280mm dia

Pneumatic Pressure Control system : It is provided for lifting and lowering the Top Lap plate. The lapping pressure may be selected accordingly.
Accuracy : Flatness and parallelism – 2 microns over the surface of 80 mm

Note : Due to Constant Development Work, there may be deviations from catalogue specifications.